Lime Horse … that’s a curious name?

Yes, it is. Designed to capture attention and evoke curiosity. It also mirrors our goal of making you more memorable, innovative and able to challenge the status quo within the legal profession.

As you work hard and grow your career, expectations rise. Surviving as a high-performance professional relies on more than your accumulated knowledge and experience. You need to leverage technology, embrace the unexpected and work more closely together than ever before. And that’s why LIme Horse is here for you.

Research suggests that we spend 47% of our time at work mentally off-task. And when we are distracted, we are not able to be as effective. Lime Horse uses mindfulness, emotional intelligence, neuroscience and organizational development concepts to combat productivity drain in the workplace and encourage renewed focus, innovation and self-awareness.

Let us give you the tools you need to better connect with yourself and others at work.

Our online training moves you from surviving to thriving professionally.

What people are saying …

“What sets Sara apart from others in the coaching/training space is her focus on the individual and the recognition that growth – even organizational growth – starts at the personal level. The most effective way to impact the lives of others is by first becoming more aware of your own inner life. This is the knowledge Sara imparts to her clients, and she does so in a way that is both approachable and impactful.”

Chris Bertram, Ph.D.

Associate Professor – University of Fraser Valley | Skills Aquisition Lead and Flow Coach – Canada Snowboard Olympic Team | Past Director – Human Performance Centre at UVF

“Sara has such a complete and genuine passion for her work that you can’t help but be captivated and enthused. Her open and engaging style ensures that there is lots of interaction and learning supported by practical knowledge and real world insights. While her resume speaks for itself; Sara’s real gift is in her ability to take complex ideas and distill them into understandable language, thoughtful and direct advice. She knows how to personalize information and break it down in a way that is relatable and effective.”

Miranda Jamieson, MSc.

Director of Business Model Innovation, Robotics and Digital Surgery – Johnson & Johnson

“I highly recommend Sara as an expert in transformational development . She is compassionate, while also maintaining a hard line of accountability to really encourage independence and agency in one’s own journey. She is very intelligent and analytical, with a fun, witty style that is engaging. Her enthusiasm and adventurous spirit bring a spark to all she does. That is evident in her programming, where it is obvious she has personally learned resiliency, which leads to her very relatable content that is accessible and impactful both for organizations as well as the individuals involved.”

Katie Morrison

Real Estate Consultant – Berkshire Hathaway Home Services | Owner – Black PEPR

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