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Emotional Intelligence for Lawyers and Legal Professionals

Participants in the complete Bundle of this course will discover the importance of Emotional Intelligence and its role in promoting an effective, collaborative workplace.

About this Course:

Through a deep understanding of Emotional Intelligence Theory, and by building their emotional vocabularies, participants will hone their self-awareness and improve their leadership skills. Participants will develop practical tools for leveraging Emotional Intelligence to foster better relationships with colleagues and clients.

What you will Learn:

  • The theory behind Emotional Intelligence and its application in the workplace
  • How to build self-awareness, and how it improves leadership skills
  • The ability to use Emotional Intelligence to help meet client goals
  • How to use Emotional Intelligence to reduce risk in the workplace

Credit Details:



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3 Hour Duration



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Key Takeaways:

  • Defining Emotional Intelligence.
  • Why Emotional Intelligence matters in law.
  • Building your emotional vocabulary.
  • Introduction to Emotional Intelligence Theory.
  • How self-awareness makes better leaders.
  • Increasing your influence in practice.
  • Emotional Intelligence in business development and client relationships.
  • Social awareness as risk management in practice.

Prerequisites: None

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