Finding Your Edge: Bundle

Mindfulness and Optimal Performance in Law

In taking all three modules of this course in our bundle, participants will develop a full understanding of the mental and physical processes that affect performance, as well as the science behind our physical reactions to stress.

About this Course:

Guided by the neuroscience of performance and attention, participants will learn to be present using mindfulness techniques. Through these teachings, participants will increase their ability to focus, develop a resilience to stress, and improve their capacity for innovation in the workplace.

What you will Learn:

  • The science, practice, philosophy and processes that affect optimal performance.
  • How to perform more effectively using encouragement, reward and self-compassion.
  • How to effectively work through fear, stress and failure to improve your resilience and decrease your recovery time.
  • Current trends and research on mindfulness in high-performance fields, including executive leadership, the law, the military, and professional sports.

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Key Takeaways:

  • Research on benefits of mindfulness in performance.
  • High performance environments in the legal profession.
  • Defining optimal performance.
  • Mental and physical processes affecting performance.
  • The science behind physical reactions to stress -Stressors for Legal Professionals.
  • Neuroscience of performance and attention.
  • Why attention is important in law and how to improve this skill.
  • Effectively using inquiry and intention.
  • Setting mindful goals.
  • The value of intuition and self-awareness.
  • Managing expectations in day to day practice.

Prerequisites: None

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